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About TRBC

We're a Baptist church with more than 85 years of history located in Novena, along Thomson Road, Singapore. In 1937, we started out as a Teochew church. Whether you are looking for a church for your family, or interested to know more about Christianity, we welcome you to join us as part of God's family @TRBC.

Sunday Worship & Weekday Fellowship

Please note that there may be combined services on certain Sundays.

Please contact our Church Office (6256 2277) to confirm service timings if you're visiting us for the first time.

Discipleship Sunday Combined ServiceMain Sanctuary (level 2)25 August , Sunday, 10:00am
English ServiceMain Sanctuary (level 2)Sundays, 9:00am
Teochew/Chinese Service Main Sanctuary (level 2)Sundays, 10:45am
Sunset ServiceMain Sanctuary (level 2)Sundays, 5:00pm



As many of you may know the youth SSG outreach is happening again! This iteration is “Game of Life”! As a church that aims to become an inter-generation, this is an opportunity to volunteer yourself as a helper! This outreach effort is God’s platform that provides us a chance to participate as one body. As the saying goes, it take a village to raise a kid. Imagine how much more does it take to people will it require to bring a non believer till maturity? It takes more than a village! As 1 Corinthians reminds us, we can water or plant. But it will be God who gives the growth. May this encourage us to in our unique gifting and capacity serve alongside our youths and young adults to further the Kingdom of God! Refer to the picture below for details. 青少年外展事工即将开始!今年的主题是‘’生命的游戏‘’。当教会迈向跨年龄层的道路中,这是一个事奉的机会!俗语说:要带大一个孩子,需要整村的人,试想我们需要多少人带一个非信徒信主成长?就如哥林多前书说道,我们可以种植和灌溉,但是神给于成长。愿这鼓励我们以我们的恩赐来与青少年一同扩展神的国度。若需更多资料,请參此图。


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The Singapore Thomson Road Baptist Church

45 Thomson Road Singapore 307584

+65 6256 2277

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