Brief History of The TRBC Sunset Service

The Sunset Service Bilingual Service was started on 2 October 1988 with two objectives: One, to cater to members who were unable to attend worship in the morning. Two, to reach out to seekers of different nationalities who speak either English or Mandarin.

During the early days, between 1988 and 1999, Sunset Service was mainly run by a group of volunteers with the help of full-time or part-time pastors.

In 1996, Brother Tan Hooi Lean, then chairman of the congregation, completed his theological study and was sent by the Baptist Convention to start the Riau Islands Mission in Batam.  Brother Lam Yuen Foong took over the leadership and formed a 7-member Council in 1997 to oversee various ministries. From 2001 to 2007, Brother Lam Yuen Foong assumed the role of a lay minister.

In 2004, another member - Brother Gerald Lim - enrolled himself in the seminary and served as Sunset Service pastor from 2006 to 2007. Both Pastor Gerald and Pastor Lam became missionaries to Riau islands and China in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Rev. Victor Lim was engaged in November 2007 as our 

pastor till December 2010. Rev. Anthony Tan was engaged as our pastor in December 2011 till present.

As Sunset Service grows, our teenagers and youths also 

gradually grow in numbers. A worship band consisting of mainly youths and a youth fellowship (SPUR) were formed in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

Sunset Service emphasizes on teaching God’s Word 

through children ministry, sermons, Care Groups, modular teaching sessions and through encouraging members to serve. In 2011, we started nurturing individuals through a one-to-one mentoring programme.

Sunset Service’s conviction is that plans, programme and people will not last, only God’s purpose will. Hence, we seek God’s purpose for the Sunset Service. We also encourage brothers and sisters to constantly seek for themselves the purpose God has for them.






1996年,陈惠灵弟兄神学训练毕业,被浸联会差派往巴淡岛开始廖内宣教事工。 同年,蓝润洪弟兄接过棒子,负责夕阳崇拜的运作。自1997年7人理事会成立以后,夕阳崇拜开始了较有组织性的策划事工。2001年,蓝润洪弟兄一面进修神学,一面担任夕阳崇拜义务带职传道。继蓝润洪弟兄之后,林良勇弟兄也于2004年献身读神学,并于2006年担任夕阳崇拜的全职传道。林传道与蓝传道分别于2008年初和2009年中成为宣教士。林传道被浸联会派往廖内峇淡岛宣教,蓝传道则以自由宣教士身份到中国西部成都开拓新事工。2007年11月,林子民牧师出任夕阳崇拜全职牧者,直到2010年底期满离职。2011年12月,陈安东牧师受聘为夕阳崇拜的牧者至今。