Brief History of The TRBC Sunset Service

The TRBC Sunset Service started on 2 October 1988 to cater to the needs of  members who were unable to attend the morning worship. Another important goal is to position ourselves as a Seekers’ Service to reach out to pre-believers. For this purpose, we deliberately conduct our worship in two languages – English & Chinese.

Being a bilingual congregation (English and Chinese), we were able to reach out to Christians and seekers of different nationalities - technicians from China, Hong Kong immigrants, graduates from Malaysia, Vietnamese students etc. 

During the early days, Brother Tan Hooi Lean led a Working Committee  of  volunteers to provide leadership to the Service. Between 1988 and 1999, the Service had 2 full-time pastors : Pastor David Chua (1988-1989) and Pastor Stephen Tan (1999). When there was no full-time pastor, God provided the Service with various part-time pastors, namely Rev. Huang Minglie, Pastor Lu Shuzhu, Pastor Xie Aizhen & Pastor Zhang Zhimei.

In 1996, Brother Tan Hooi Lean graduated from his seminary training and was sent by the Baptist Convention to Batam as a missionary, to start the Riau Islands Mission. Brother Lam Yuen Foong then took over the leadership. In 1997, a 7-member Council was formed to oversee the planning of ministries. In 1999, Sunset Service had its first retreat. That very year, Pastor Eric Yee was engaged as our advisory Pastor. From 2001 to 2007, Brother Lam Yuen Foong assumed the role of a Lay Minister. 

In 2004, another member - Brother Gerald dedicated himself to God and enrolled in the seminary that same year. From 2006 to 2007, Pastor Gerald Lim was engaged as the Sunset Service Congregational pastor. Following his vision of being a missionary, Pastor Gerald left the Sunset Service at the end of 2007 and joined the Baptist Convention to embark on his Riau Islands mission work in early 2008. Pastor Lam Yuen Foong also became an freelance missionary to Chengdu in western China in June 2009. Rev. Victor Lim was engaged  on 1 November 2007  as our pastor till December 2009. Rev. Anthony Tan started joined us in November 2011 and left in February 2018 upon completion of his 2nd term.

As Sunset Service grows, our teenagers and youths also gradually grew in numbers. A worship band consisting of mainly youths and a youth fellowship (SPUR) were formed in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

Sunset Service ministry focuses on teaching God’s Word through Children’s ministry, sermons cell group & modular teaching sessions and encouraging members to serve. In 2011, we also started nurturing individuals through one-to-one mentoring. To date, we share a conviction that plans, programs and people will not last, only God’s purpose does. Hence, we constantly seek God’s purpose for the Sunset Service. We encourage brothers and sisters to constantly seek for themselves the purpose God has for them.



淡申律浸信教会夕阳崇拜成立于1988年10月2日,当时是应着一些未能赴早堂崇拜的会友的需求而增设的,聚会时间在傍晚五时。当初成立夕阳崇拜的另一更重要目标是要设立一个探索者聚会(Seekers Service)以吸引慕道友。为这缘故,我们刻意使用双语-华语和英语。





夕阳崇拜事工的重点为通过儿童事工、讲台信息、小组活动和单元课程系列教导圣经,并鼓励会友参与事奉。为了栽培各事奉领域的接班人和帮助个人领命成长,我们于2011年初开始一对一的指导计划(Mentoring Programme)。