How should we view Sunday Worship? Is it just a time to meet up withfriends whom we haven’t seen for a week? Is it a time where we’ve come to receive blessings from God?

I hope this article can inspire us with a new perspective towards Sunday Worship.


To me, Sunday Worship is a time where I come to meet the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, our heavenly Father. It is where I receive teaching throughGod’s word and a process to attain His will for my life. This is a wonderful privilege for me, I see it as a great gift that God has given me. To remember Him and to be reminded of my identity as a Christian, who is supposed to be the salt and light to this world. Also it is a blessed time of fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. As we embark on the journey towards sainthood, let us reaffirm one another through the sharing of our testimonies, encouragement and edification.

Following this train of thought, what and how then should be our response towards the right attire and attitude on Sunday Worship? There is a sayingthat goes, “do not judge a book by its cover!” While this is true, it is also human nature that we tend to judge one’s appearance and actions. How thencan our actions match our belief in a manner that does not stumble others, instead exemplify our true and proper worship to God? (Romans 12:1-2) I hope that 1 Corinthians 10:23-24 can be our compass to guide us. In addition,

last week’s sermon we are reminded that Jesus is watching our actions. Would He be pleased with us?

Do we have to wear nice clothes, branded ones to show our respect and love for God? Unlike us who judge outwardly, God looks at our hearts (1 Samuel 16:7). Let us be mindful not to set humanly ideals on how a certain attire determines our level of love and reverence for God as written in Isaiah 29:13, where the hearts of those who worship are far from our Lord. God didn’tspecify what kind of external clothes honour Him most, because he cares only on what our hearts wear. God knows if we are approaching him with authenticity or with inauthenticity. We should all dress according to appropriateness. Do not dress to place the attention on ourselves, rather reflects whether we are driven by self-interests that would stumble others? If we wear our hearts with humility, then what matter to us will be whether God is glorified and whether others felt our love for them. On the contrary, if we wear our hearts with pride, we will disregard God’s glory and others’ spiritualhealth in favour of our personal preferences and freedoms.

How then do we prepare our hearts? Which is something that God values so much more than our external. We achieve this by devoting time to the Lord daily, for prayer and the reading of His word. I would like to encourage brothers and sisters to read and ponder through the sermon topic which is given in the weekly bulletin. Prepare to encounter God, to receive the revelation of His word with gratefulness and humility. Prepare to respond, ask God to reveal areas in which we can surrender and change. Prepare to be used by God to be channels of blessing to others and edify them. Through worship, God may give each of us a hymn, or words of instruction, or a revelation, so that we can participate in the building up of His church (1 Cor 14:26). May be through visiting prayer sites, listening and singing hymns, and reading daily devotional materials like ODB “Our Daily Bread”, we may prepare our hearts for the weekly Sunday Worship Services!

To God be the Glory forever and ever! AMEN.



我们应该如何看待星期天的敬拜?那是不是为了与整个星期 没见面的朋友叙旧?是不是为了来领受神的祝福?


“我们若穿戴谦卑,那么不管身穿什么衣裳,我们都能学像 基督,荣耀神。” – 布仑

对我来说,星期天的崇拜是来朝见王上王,主上主,天上的 父。在敬拜里我领受神话语的教导,学习认识神的旨意。对 我来说这是莫大的荣幸,是神的恩赐使我常纪念。敬拜能让 我专注于我基督徒的身份,被提醒在这世上要作光和盐。最 后,能与众弟兄姐妹甜蜜的团契是神赐的福份。当我们向成 圣的道路前进时,让我们不忘借着分享,见证,鼓励和肯定 来坚固彼此。

按着这样的思路,我们应在敬拜的穿着和态度上有怎么样的 反映?有这么一句话,“看人不要只看外表”。在莫种程度 上应该是如此,但人性总是难免以貌取人。如此,我们的行 为应如何与我们的信仰一致,能真正的体现真敬拜,好叫别 人不会被绊倒(罗 12:1-2)?我希望哥林多前书 10:23- 24 能帮助我们做到这点。同时,上星期的讲道也提醒我们耶 稣正在看着我们,他是否会对我们的行为满意?

我们是否应该穿上漂亮的,名牌的衣服,以示我们对神的尊 重?不象我们,神是看内心而不在乎外表的(撒上 16:7)。 让我们经常提醒,不要把人对外表的要求变成爱神和敬畏神

的量尺。以赛亚书 29:23 说到人心远离神,但并没有提到 什么样的穿着能荣耀神。因为神看重人在心里为祂穿戴什么。 神知道我们来到祂面前是否带着真心或虚假。我们的穿着只 需恰当。不要用穿着来突显自己,以致服装能令人跌倒。若 我们穿戴谦卑,很自然的我们会看重神是否得荣耀,看重我 们的行为是否让别人感染到神的爱。但如果我们穿戴的是骄 傲,我们很容易会忽视神的荣耀和别人属灵的需要;因我们 的骄傲会使我们以自我为中心来满足自我的需要和自由。

我们应如何来预备我们敬拜的心?神看重什么?我们应当每 天花时间与神相处,读经与祷告。序单上常有预告的讲台题 目,我建议弟兄姐妹用这来帮助默想神会如何与我们说话。 预备心来经历神,带着感恩与谦卑的心领受祂星期天讲台上 的启示。求神帮助我们看见在哪方面我们可以被祂改变,成 为祂祝福并建立他人的管道。神可能通过崇拜赐我们各人一 首圣诗,或一个命令,或一个启示,来帮助我们参与建立祂 的教会(林前 14:26)。或许也可以用游览祷告的网页,聆 听或唱圣诗,默想每日读经材料,来预备我们的心来迎接每 星期的主日崇拜!





Is there power in worship and what exactly is worship? What are the stories in the bible that talk about worship? We all can rejoice to know that there is powerin worship! Worship in its root means “worthiness or to give worth to something”.


Is worship simply ascribing praise to God? The bible teaches us what our posture should be when we worship and what kind of worship that God desires. In Romans 12:1 we know that God desires true and proper worship, through us offering our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to Him. In John 4:23- 24 where Jesus speaks to a Samaritan, he said that there will be a time where true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for those are the ones that the Father seeks. Because God is spirit, and we as his worshippers must worship in spirit and truth. In Hebrews 13:15-16, we see that as worshippers we are to continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise – the fruit of lips that openly profess His name, and we should express through our actions and good works. These acts of our body through our lips, tongue, hands and feet where wedisplay God’s love is a sacrifice He desires. What we shouldn’t do, is written inMatthew 15:8-9, where Jesus talks about the worship posture of the Phariseesand teachers of the law. “These people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” Our worship will be in vain, as what Jesus says. We have toconstantly check ourselves when we gather on Sunday for worship; and more so in the thoughts and actions of our daily lives!

The power of worship is limitless, it can bring about healing, peace, victory, breakthrough, blessings, renewal, comfort, deliverance, humility, assurance, joy, revelation. Most importantly, the power of worship can bring us closer to God. Stories in the bible where people experience victory in worship, (2 Chron 20:22, victory in singing and praises where God set ambushes), (Josh 6, where God delivered Jericho to Joshua through trumpets and a loud shout.) Experiences of healing through worship, (Saul found healing and peace whenever David, who was devoted and anointed by God, played the harp.) Experiences of deliverance from Psalms 40 written by David. Through the lives in the bible, worship is something that we can all find certain forms of association and even experiences where God answered our prayers and cries. Find time for worship and prayer daily, and believe in the power of our Almighty God in whom our refuge and strength lies. Finally, find joy every Sunday in our corporate gatherings! MayGod’s love be the catalyst to the change in our minds and lives.



敬拜里是否有能力?敬拜是什么?圣经里有什么例子是和敬拜有关的? 可以高兴的是敬拜是带有能力的!敬拜的意思是“献上有价值的东 西”。


敬拜是否就只是对神赞美?圣经教导我们敬拜的态度和神所喜悦的敬 拜。罗马书 12:把身体献上,当作活祭,是圣洁的,是神所喜悦的。 在约翰福音 4:23-24 耶稣告诉撒玛利亚妇人,说:“时候将到,如今 就是了,那真正拜父的,要用心灵和诚实拜祂,因为神要这样的人拜 祂。神是个灵,所以拜祂的必须用心灵和诚实拜祂”在希伯来书 13:15-16 里我们看到作为敬拜者,我们要常常以颂赞为祭献给神,是那 承认主名之人嘴唇的果子。不可忘记行善和捐献的事;因为这样的祭, 是神所喜悦的。我们通过全身-嘴唇,舌头,手和脚来表达对神的爱, 是神所喜悦的。而我们不应该做的就写在马太福音 15:8-9。这里耶 稣谈论法利赛人和律法师说:“这百姓用嘴唇尊敬我,心却远离我” 他们的敬拜是徒然的。星期天我们来敬拜神的时候,要不断的审查自 己;周日时更是要注意自己的思想和行为。

敬拜的能力是无限的。它能带来医治,平安,胜利,祝福,更新,安 慰,拯救,谦卑,确据,喜乐,启示;更重要的是敬拜让我们更靠近 神。圣经里人们在敬拜中经历胜利(历下 20:22 在歌颂赞美当中神设 埋伏)(约书亚 章神借号角和以色列人的呐喊把耶利哥城交给了约 书亚)敬拜中经历医治(扫罗借着大卫的琴声解除被恶灵的困扰)诗 篇四十篇大卫借着诗歌歌颂神的拯救。就如圣经里所描述的,敬拜是 我们都能认同的,是神应验我们的祷告和呼求的管道。让我们每天找 时间敬拜和祷告神,并相信那赐力量和庇护的神的帮助。最后,让我 们每星期天一起带着喜乐来敬拜神!愿神的爱来促进我们身心灵的蜕 变。



Firstly, Call to Worship is something that is evident in the Bible from old testament and new testament. Call to Worship is a liturgical element that is used in church gatherings and carries a significance that is biblical.


In a practical point of view, a call to worship symbolizes the start of a meeting / service. The first spiritual aspect of call to worship is to bring emphasis to the primacyof God’s Word, and this is communicated to us by reading scripture. Through using Call to Worship element, we want to remind and communicate to the congregation that this weekly corporate gathering is possible not through our wisdom, initiative, strength and power. Rather, God is the one who has called us out of the world to rehearse the gospel in His presence for His glory and our good through the power of His spirit. Through the reading of scripture, I hope that it encourages members to fix their eyes on God and prepares their hearts and minds for the rest of the service. It is crucial to remember that coming to church on Sunday is not merely just to attend a service but to a holy invitation by God to partake in His presence, not presumption, through the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ who has given up His life for our new lives in Christ.

Another spiritual aspect of call to worship is to remind us not to love the world or anything in the world (1 John 2:15), waking us up to the fact that we are sojourners and exiles in this world (1 Peter 2:11). This is so evident after a week of being tempted to worship idols such as money, relationships, control, power, pride, entertainment (e.g Korean drama) and sensuality. Call to worship recaps the importance that there is one true God, that He deserves to be exalted in our minds, hearts and wills, that He calls us together so that we might build each other up, and bear the testimony of unity.

Sharing by Yan Xing



首先,宣召在新旧约里是有根据的。宣召是崇拜里的一个元素,用于 教会聚会,并带出符合圣经的意义。



实际上,宣召代表一个会议或礼拜的开始。在属灵方面它首重神的话 语,借着宣读圣经向我们传达。通过宣召我们要提醒会众这每周的聚 会不是透过我们自身的智慧,自发性,能力和权柄。而是,神的呼召 并借着圣灵,来到祂面前荣耀祂。通过读经,我希望能鼓励会友定睛 在神身上,预备他们的心来崇拜。重点是我们星期天来教会不是单为 敬拜,而是神圣洁的邀请。让我们来朝见那全能的神,毫无掩饰。是 透过耶稣基督付上自己来换取的,在基督里的新生命。

另一个属灵方面是要提醒我们不要贪爱世界或世上的任何东西(约一2:15),让我们清楚认识到我们只不过是过客,寄居者(彼前 2:11)。尤其经历了一星期里各种偶像的诱惑 。例如 金钱,权力,骄 傲,娱乐(例如韩剧)和色欲。宣召提醒我们只有一位真神,祂值得 我们尽心,尽力尽意的高举与称颂。祂呼召我们在一起,彼此建立, 有合一 的见证。

Three Pastoral Wish-List

Sunday evening is the best time for family to be together for a meal once aweek. Imagine that at such meals, one of the daughters had been absentor one or two Sundays. Isn't it expected that the parents or one of the siblings is asking why is the family member absent? Now imagine a church member is missing in worship or in the cell-group meeting of that week.

First in wish list is that at least one who knows that person and his/herphone number will make it a point to call that absentee member and asked: "How are you? I missed you in the service this week. Is everything ok? Start that way and be sensitive about your calling and timing and length of conversation.

Second wish list is that every member will pray for the worship service, for those in the worship team, for ushers, for himself/herself for a heart of worship and a spirit to hear God's Word.

And the final, third wish list is that each one will share what you may have learnt from the worship service and tell your family members, or anyone who is open to hear.

Can we do this for the next three months at least?

Expect great things for God; attempt great things for God. Amen. By Rev Anthony Ang